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SEO: What Local SEO means? How to do Local SEO?

By Dylan
Local seo your life is Affected by algorithms

Your income runs on algorithms.

Algorithms affect what you see, eat, and earn. Your online organic position controls your website traffic, sales, and income!

The question is – how do you run with the algorithm and hold the first-page position?

What is an Organic ranking / position?

  • On the Google results page, the first 4 and the last 3 listings are ads. The "ad" sign is visible.
  • The listings in between are organic placements.
Problem with a paper business card

Put your website on the first page

First, it is useful to distinguish between Local SEO and National SEO.

1. Local SEO:

Local SEO responds to users who search for services in their local area.

Unless specified by the user, product searches are excluded because they can be shipped.

2. National SEO:

National SEO responds to a search for products and services that can be shipped or be provided by the phone and internet.


Open Google and type:

Affordable implants Hialeah

Affordable implants Kendall

Affordable implants North Miami

Or watch this video on local SEO success.

We know that organic positions build traffic, but will it deliver new clients?

When you are searched, is your offer and delivery better than the next click?

You may say yes - and you may be right, but when it comes to the internet sales perception, you must ask yourself: Are you convincing? Do you have the supported elements to convince prospects?

This question is for you to answer.

I can only say what you already know:

  • 1. Internet companies are top earners
  • 2. Tesla sold 7.2 billion dollars in 3 months over the internet
  • 3. You and everyone else using the internet all day every day

Do you doubt that your growth can come from there?

Are you not sure how to start?

We can show answers, provide tolls, and let you

How Does Instagram Kill an Influencer’s Millions of Dollars?

How Does Instagram Kill an Influencer’s Millions of Dollars?

No more Instagram likes. Is it a brilliant economic move?

Experience Big.

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