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Customers are more inclined to do business with you when they see positive reviews from real people. With GoBiggi, you will collect real reviews from customers. The reviews are beautifully displayed on an optimized SEO platform next to your Services, Profile, Gallery and Business Info, giving prospects your essential information so they can connect with you quickly.

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Interactive business card
Interactive business card

GoBiggi powerhouse features allow you to:

  • Collect real customer reviews that sell your business with maximum transparency
  • Use Gobiggi Text-App to collect reviews
  • Showcase the reviews, your product or service, profile, videos, gallery & contact info on the WebReviewSite and make your business easy to find and contact.
  • Employ robust SEO capabilities for high page rank.
  • Engage disenchanted customers through dialogue
  • Turn negative reviews into positive ones
  • Use the WebReviewSite as a hub for Reviews, Essential info, Interactive Business Card, appointment & booking scheduler, incentives and help people to find and reach you 24/7

How do you collect reviews?

Collecting reviews has never been easier.

Gobiggi 'Text-App' is your outgoing message center.

In a few seconds, you send customers a request for a review and encourage them to share their positive experiences from mobile, tablet, or computer. The review automatically posts on your WebReviewSite, and is sent to the search engine for high ranking.

Gobiggi Text AppGobiggi Text App

Be real on the first day.

Share the reviews that describe your customers personal positive experiences on social media, in your emails, on your website, blog, and more, using the Gobiggi API.

Powering fast companies.

Combining website look and Info with your reviews sells your business with maximum transparency and credibility. This substantiates customers decisions to contact you.

Gobiggi Text AppGobiggi Text App

Reputation management

Turning bad reviews into great reviews

Real reviews convince prospects to contact you. But what if they aren't positive? Bad reviews - those under 3 stars - are placed in quarantine for 72 hours. Just use the Moderation Manager to contact the unhappy customer and resolve the issue quickly. If a review is found to be spam or slander, we'll remove it.

Sophisticated analytics help you track your progress.

GoBiggi Dash-View provides all the analytical tools for you to track incoming traffic, with the number of visits and average time spent reading reviews at a glance.

gobiggi analytics
gobiggi review

All-in-one sales center.

You're too busy running your business to stay on top of changing developments in online marketing. GoBiggi as your 24/7 sales department, gives you the power to attract new prospects, convert them into customers, and maintain an ongoing relationship with them. Automatically.

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Between the need to be found online and the need to give potential clients a tangible reason to contact you, WebReviewSite is your absolute best choice.

Regular collection of customer's reviews feeds the search engine with fresh content.

This increases your overall quality score, ranking, and the probability of being seen on the first page.

The website portion provides potential clients with your essential information, and the reviews give them the comfort to work with you.

Only GoBiggi does this best!

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